Inisturk Activities, 15th – 19th June 2020

All work can be accessed on SeeSaw

MathsTime and Money Word Problems 
Digital Time 
Sudoku Puzzles 
Maths Games 
Time – Months 
CommunicationsListening to  Non-fiction Reading & list 2 facts
Reading -The Twits
Cloze Passage -How to plant a garden
Comprehension – The Twits chapter
Oral language – retell using picture cues- The Twits
What’s growing in your garden activity
From Flowers to Fruits – Pollinators
Missed you Monday
Writing – Father’s Day Message
Gardening Week – Design my Ow Flower 
Gardening Week  – VIP “A Week in the Life of a Gardener”
Identifying popular flowers  

All About Nettles

Dance Mat Typing 
Personal Effectiveness & SPHEMindfulness Walk
Feelings chart
5 for Friday reflection
Fun Friday Activities
Career PreparationWalkPeer Engagement 
Gardening Week – Skills and Talents 
“A Week in the Life of a Gardener”
GAISCE & PE Go Noodle sessions
Gaisce Reflection 
Body Percussion 

Mindfulness Walk
Virtual week Gardening Week