Inisbofin Week 20th-24th April.

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays. We have another few weeks of social isolation to do yet. I really miss everyone and hopefully it won’t be too long before we are back in the classroom. As for now I will continue to put up work for you all to do. I want you to try your best to complete things to the best of your ability but please do not stress about school work.

Communication & Language Work.

Continue to keep your diary of your time at home. Write /copy/trace a minimum of 5 sentences in it every day. You can start with a couple of simple sentences like. Today is Monday 20th of April. It is a sunny/cold/rainy day. Then write a few sentences about what you are getting up to during this strange time. Be careful to pay attention to capital letters and full stops. If you like why not draw a picture of what you get up to, gardening, playing, helping out at home…

Below is a poem about Spring. If you can print it off and learn the first 3 stanzas. If you cannot print if off don’t worry maybe you could read it or someone might read it to you if you need a little help.

Go outside for a nice walk this week and take a note of all the different signs of spring around you. Make a list of all the things you see. What are your favourite things about spring? Have a chat to someone about what you like most about this time of year.

Write a Postcard:

Every household got 2 postcards from an post that you can write and post for free! Write a postcard to your friend, gran, aunt…or whoever you would like. Let them know how you are.


Each of you were given some books to read when we finished up at school in March. Could you let me know if you have completed this reading material. Email me at and I will see about getting you more reading material. It is important that you work on developing your reading habit. I would encourage you to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. If you have completed the books I gave you but are now reading one of your own books that you have at home maybe you could email me and tell me about it.

Depending on your reading ability you may be reading words, chapters or pictures and symbols. Whatever level you are at keep it up! Ask your mum or dad to email me if you need new reading material.


Create a piece of art work based on the poem. The poem is full of lovely images. Children outside playing, daffodils, green hills, bugs… You can focus on one image in particular or make a painting or drawing including as many images as possible to create a lovely art piece.


Below is a piece of music I want you to listen to. In my opinion it is best to listen to it when you have completed some of the more demanding school and house work and are ready for a rest! Close your eyes when you are listening to it and let it transport you to a quite calm place. It is a long piece of music so listen to as much of it as you can. After you have listened to it think about it. Answer the following questions.

  • How did the music make you feel?
  • Was it fast or slow or perhaps a little bit of both?
  • What instrument can you hear?
  • Do you think the title for the piece of music is well chosen?


Identify common 2D & 3D shapes in your home and in your environment. Remember a 2D shape is a flat shape like a circle or a square.

A 3D shape has sides like a cuboid e.g. a new packet of butter or a sphere e.g. football. Make a list 2D shapes and another list 3D shapes. Now look at your list and examine each one. Can the shapes you have identifies roll or stack? Think why is it that some shapes can roll while others can stack? Is there any shape that can roll and can also be stacked??

Mental Maths:

If you have the facility log onto and work on your mental maths. Games like hit the button are fun and a great way of learning.

If you have a small collection of coins use them to count out different amounts for example:

  • 25c
  • 13c
  • €1.35
  • Maybe your mum/dad could write out 10 different amounts that you could count out with the coins. Some of you will be counting larger amounts and some of you smaller amounts. Once again do the best you can. If you have printer facilities will you let me and I can upload worksheets for you.
  • Don’t forget to complete the worksheets I sent home with you. You can do a section of these each day.