INISBOFIN June 15th-19th

Communication and Literacy:


Please don’t forget to keep adding to your diary every day. You can either write or draw pictures into it or do a bit of both to describe what life is like for you at the moment. Thankfully the situation is getting better so hopefully you are beginning to meet other family members or friends.


Reading material is found on the Big Cats website. You can access it by clicking on the link below. Remember all books are colour coded. Group A are red, group B is blue and group c is orange. The books get harder as they move up through the alphabet. I have told you what group you are in but if you feel ready to move to the next group just work away and you can let me know by emailing me at


Find your book online and read along with audio /read/talk/about pictures. Predict what dad might bring next to eat. Notice the clocks in the pictures. When do you have breakfast lunch & tea? Complete simple online exercise at end of story try and sound out initial letter & match to picture. Download and complete worksheet.

Write out items/or draw items that you might eat for a healthy breakfast.


Find your book online and read it. You can read along with the audio sometimes if you prefer but try sounding out words on your own too!

High Frequency Words:

Learn and put each into a sentence.

  • But
  • Some
  • Looking
  • What
  • Wants
  • too
  • her
  • more

Write a short description of another animal that interests you. Give information on what it looks like, where it lives and what it likes to eat.


You will find this book in the Orange Set of books-Progress Section.

Write a short piece and pretend you are a secret agent. Describe the type of things you had to learn in training. Describe the different gadgets you use today compared to the simple gadgets they had to help them with spying years ago.

Listen and learn a few facts about the butterfly.


Last Saturday 13th June was the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. Find out more about him by clicking on the links below.



I really enjoyed searching for and finding these pieces of music that are in some way related to the theme of butterflies! Listen to and enjoy the pieces. They are all so different!

The Red Admiral Butterfly

Think About These Questions!

How did each piece make you feel?

Could you move/tap your feet to every piece?

Which piece was your favourite?

How would you describe each piece? Look at the words below to help you.

  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Traditional
  • Folk
  • Fast
  • Slow


This week we will continue to look at symmetry! It would be great if you could combine the strand of construction and symmetry in maths to create a 3D piece that was symmetrical! You can use lego, lollypop sticks or even items from your recycle bin!

Continue with your money counting activities. Try and work out small amounts of change too! Work out change from 10c, 20c, 50c, €1 & €5 depending on what level you are at. Below is a link that has some lovely money games and number work. The money game will be a little tough for some of you so just keep working with your coin box. For the rest of you who can try your best and play the games!

Below is a lovely very simple counting game that some of you will enjoy. It will be a little too easy for others but for those that it is too easy explore the website and find a more challenging counting activity. There are loads of them that you will enjoy.


What I would like you to do this week is think about your personal care and all that that involves. There has been a lot of talk lately about hand hygiene and washing our hands but we must also remember that it is important to look after our whole body & soul! Click on this check list. Keep a record of all you do this week to take care of yourself. Establish a proper routine if you don’t already have one.


This week everyone is invited to show off all they have been doing in the garden. Some have already sent me in pictures of their work over this time!

Can you get busy in the garden this week and send me some pictures of what you have been getting up to. Maybe you can also write/ list /send photos of all the jobs you have done in the garden. Below are a few words that you might need.

Weed Water Plant Dig

Spade Watering Can Hose Wheel barrow

Compost mow Cut


This week I would like you to go mad with colour. The brighter the better! I would live to see a painting or drawing of your garden. Here are some images to inspire you!

It is supposed to be lovely this week so go outside to do your art work and enjoy the weather and the sound of the birds singing! Hopefully you will also see some butterflies, if you do maybe you could add them into your picture too or create a different piece showing how symmetrical the butterfly is.


Continue with Joe Wicks folks plus do a little a little yoga.

Enjoy the good weather and get out for a walk.