Inisbofin April 27th -1st May

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all keeping well. We are very lucky that the weather is so good at the moment. At least we can get out and enjoy the garden or go for a nice walk. I hope you all got the postcard I sent you. I miss seeing you all in class, it is definitely strange giving you school work to do but not being able to see you! Remember do not stress over the work I give you. Do what you can and email me if you have a problem. The class email is Please email me on that one if you can. I know I originally told you my email was


Now that you have revised 2D & 3D shapes in maths last week why not try and create a lovely piece of art work using different shaped materials from your recycle bin! Below are a couple of images of different art pieces to inspire you. If you need more inspiration why not check out and you will find a lot more examples.

Get busy being creative! If you like email me a copy of your piece and I could pop it up on the school facebook page!


Remember before we broke up from school we were doing a lot of work with Mary. I would like you to revise the Waka Waka dance moves we were working on and also the lyrics. Below I have attached the clip of the dance moves and on a seperate download I have the lyrics for you. Have fun listening to, singing along to and dancing to the music. Hopefully we will be able to perform it when we get back to school! Remember we were not including the bicycle move in our dance routine!

Think about the music!

  • How does it make you feel?
  • What is the tempo of the music? Fast? Slow?
  • Is it a good piece to dance to?
  • Can you think of another song that you like to dance to? Email me the name of your favourite music and maybe I can pop it up for others to listen to!


L2LP Target: D2.

Think about a school or personal situation that can be stressful. Talk about it to your mum, dad or another family member. Write about it as best you can. You can create a piece about it using sentences and a piece of art if you wish. Talking about things that we find stressful can help us deal with it. Do you feel better now that you have chatted things over with someone?

Now try and identify a relaxation technique that will help you in that stressful situation. It is very important that we a learn to deal with stress and develop relaxation techniques that can help us in our everyday lives.


I want you to continue working on your tables. Use games on to help with reinforcing number facts. Games like hit the button are fun and a great way to learn. Click on the number bonds option and play!

During this time I would like you to spend time each day counting out different values of money using coins. Get your parents to write out at least 5 different values each day and count out that value of money. Some of you will be using more coins than others and counting out smaller or bigger amounts. The most important thing is to do your best and practice every day!

Below are just some examples of values that may be counted out. You count out more! Draw the values of the coins you needed to make the value into your copy.

  • 11c
  • 7c
  • €1.32
  • 97c
  • €3.64

Managing Money: 2.3

Below is a receipt for some shopping.

  • Where was the shopping bought?
  • How much was paid for the shopping?
  • What was the most expensive item bought?
  • How much did the milk cost?

Communication And Language Work

Please continue writing your diary every day. Include in it the different things you get up to and how you are feeling.

I know all of you have a pet. I would love to know more about your pet. Could you write a piece about the. Tell me his/her name. Give a description of how s/he looks. How old is s/he? How long have you had your pet? What does s/he like to eat? What does s/he like to play. Do you take your pet for a walk? Write a short descriptive piece! I can’t wait to read it! You can include a lovely drawing of your pet or if you prefer a photo.

Read a book for 20 minutes every day.


Target D2 Use Tools & Equipment Correctly!

Remember I told you that part of becoming ready for life after school was to become more independent at home! This week please put a wash on in the washing machine. I know I suggested you do this a few weeks ago but if you did do it then it will be good to do it again. Below is a guide to help you, watch it before putting the wash on. Follow the steps and ask someone to supervise you. Put a wash on again later in the week again. Become familiar with the machine and become confident using it! Maybe someone can take a photo of you doing this task. Good luck!