Inisbofin 8th-12th June

Communication & Language


Reading material found on the big cats website. Click on the link below, follow the instructions to access your book. Remember the books are colour coded. Group A is red, Group B is blue & group c is orange. The books become more challenging the further along the alphabet you go. If you wish read more than one book in your section and if you are finding the reading material too easy now move yourself along but email me and I will be in touch! Try and read for 20 every day! It can be a book of choice.


Listen to the audio book & follow words. Read along words you know. Complete simple exercise at end of book. Then click on link below and complete exercise. There is no need to print it out. You can do the work orally or you can draw and make your own worksheet.

Talk about the book with someone in your family. The book is all about recycling. Do you think it is important to recycle? Does your family recycle their rubbish? Do you ever go to the recycling center? Maybe you have a photo of you at doing recycling? If you do maybe you could email it to me.


Read along with audio. Try reading on your own. Sound out words you don’t know. Complete exercise online at the end of the book. Click on the link below and complete. You do not need to print it out. You can make a similar worksheet in your copy.

Download words. Learn and put into sentences.


Read the book. Listen along to the audio if you need to. Complete exercise online at end of book. Click on the link below to down load activities. No need to print download, work can be done directly into copy.


I hope you are all keeping a diary. Remember you can write and draw in it to record your time during these strange times! Write something in it every day.


Aisling Byrne and Naomi Cahill have come up with a lovely drama activity. Click on the link below. watch Aisling & Naomi demonstrate the activity and then try it with someone else! Click on the link below to open the activity.


List (you can list them orally or write them down) how the personal decisions we make around what we buy and how we get rid of our rubbish affect the world we live in.

Think about the following:

  • What difference would it make if we just put all our waste into the rubbish bin?
  • What difference would it make if we stopped buying so many thinks made from plastic?
  • What difference does it make when we re-use items instead of throwing so many things away?
  • Why is it so important to reduce, re-use and recycle?

Design a poster to encourage everyone to take care of the environment.


This week everyone in the school is challenged to bake something delicious! You can bake anything you want, sweet or savory. All I ask is that you email me in some nice photos of what you bake. Some of you have been practicing all ready! Well done to you! Now lets see what everyone bakes this week.


This week an African American man called George Floyd died in tragic circumstances. His death has caused demonstrations to take place around the world. There was even a demonstration in Dundalk. God created everyone of us in his own image. Lets us pray this week that everyone is treated with respect and shown the kindness that Jesus taught us.

Say a prayer for George Floyd. May he rest in peace.

Can you make a list of the ways we can show kindness to others.


Continue with Joe Wicks! He really helps get you moving!

I know some of you have pedometers and fitbits. A pedometers count how many steps you take so does a fitbit. If you have one use it this week and see how many steps you can take. Go for some nice long walks and enjoy the weather. Below is another zumba class. See if you prefer it to the one we did last week.


Keep up the counting using real coins!


If you fold some images in half the two sides are exactly the same. This means they are symmetrical. A fold line is called a line of symmetry. You can see clearly in the image below where the line of symmetry for each shape is.

Lines of symmetry can occur in nature too! Think about a butterfly or a leaf. Look at the images. Can you see where the line of symmetry is?

Can you look around you and see things in your home or in your local area that have a line of symmetry through them.

Open up old newspapers or Aldi or Lidl brochures. Can you cut out images that have lines of symmetry through them. Fold these images to show the line of symmetry.

Finally do a mirror drawing. Look at the images below to help you. You will need a mirror and half a picture or image. You can draw your own half image to start with or maybe someone can draw a half image for you. Take a mirror and position it so you can draw the other half.