Inisbofin 5th-8th May

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend. We are so lucky with the weather. I am sure you know now that we will not be returning to school this school year. What a school year it is! This year will definitely go down in the history books. I hope you are still keeping your diary to recall all the things you are getting up to!

I miss seeing all of you in the classroom. I hope you are keeping well and are staying positive. It will not be too long before friends can meet up.

Communication and Language Work.


Your reading material for the week can be found by clicking on the link below. The books are all colour coded. I will call you and let you know what colour book is best suited to your level.

Pink Books: Group A “We all like eating fruit” Do follow up activity. Click on the link attached to book for it. You do not have to print it out, if you prefer just make your own table and ask your family to tell you their favourite fruit. Complete the table.

Make a list of fruit you would like to use to make a fruit salad. Maybe later in the week you could help make a fruit salad for your family!

Blue Books: Group B “Blast off to the Moon!” Do follow up activity. Click on the link to see it. You don’t have to print out template, you can just do it in your copy if you prefer.


Orange Book: Group C “A day in India” Find India on a world map if you have access to one. If not perhaps you could look at a world map online. Find out 5 interesting facts about India and write them down.

Read your book daily. Pay attention to punctuation marks!


It is important that you keep up your writing. Some of you will need some help as you trace, copy, mark make so just ask for some help.

For those who are more independent writers please do your best! You can always ask for help with a spelling if you need to but you and I both know how well you write.

Don’t forget to keep writing your every day in your diary! The year 2020 will go down in history. Never before have so many schools closed around the world while young students worked from home. I would love to read some of your writing. Email it on to me if you like.

Write a post card to a care home or hospital near you thanking the staff for all the work they are doing to keep everyone safe at this time.

For example you could write/draw a postcard to the staff in Our Lady Of Lourdes, Drogheda, or the staff in The Louth Hospital, Dundalk. If you have a grandparent in a care home you may prefer to write and thank the staff there for all the care they give and the work they do to look after everyone and keep them safe.



May is the month that we celebrate Mary, the mother of Our Lord. This is a lovely time of year to celebrate Mary as there are so many beautiful flowers growing around us. Pick some fresh flowers to decorate a May alter that you make. Click on the link below for ideas!

Remember the importance of prayer. Prayer can gives us all strength. Try and set time aside each day to say the Hail Mary. Send me a photo of the lovely May alter that you make.


I hope you are all keeping active. How are you finding Joe Wicks? Are your family joining in his class with you?

Remember Joe Wicks is on live every morning at 9am. I am guessing that you are not all up and ready for Joe at this time! The great think about his class is that you can play it later in the day too! Just click on his youtube channel.

Also with the weather so fantastic try and get outside to get a bit of fresh air while doing some exercise. I love going for walks and cycles at the moment. What type of exercise do you like doing outside? Maybe it is kicking a ball in the back garden. Whatever it is try and do a little exercise every day.



Keep up the counting of money! It is a good idea to keep a small pot of coins to help you in daily counting activities. As per last week count out 5 different sums of money each day.

  • 8c
  • 5c
  • 98c
  • €1.05
  • €1.60

You will all be counting different values. Above is just a sample. As someone to write out 5 different values for you each day to count out. The more work you do counting out money the quicker you will get and as you become more confident in counting and identifying coins you can move onto counting larger values of coins!

Activity B:

Counting out your coins can you figure out how many smaller value coins are needed to give you the same amount as a larger value coin.

For example how many 1c coins in 10c?

  • How many 2c coins in 10c?
  • How many 2c coins in 20c?
  • How many 10c coins in €1?
  • How many 5c coins in 10c?
  • How many 5c coins in 50c?
  • How many 5c coins in €1?

Attached are some worksheets that you can download and work on.

The Last 2 downloads here are based on coin recognition & ordering of them according to value.

Don’t forget to keep up with your maths on

Any completed work can be emailed to me @


Last week I asked you to put a wash on in the washing machine. How many of you managed that? I would like you to pop another wash on this week.

Assignment: A6

I would like you to spend sometime thinking why do we need to look after our clothes? Wash them, fold them, pick them up of the floor, hang them up….

Think of 3 reasons to care for personal belongings and write them down for me or you can create a picture or image to show me the reasons.

E.g. If I wash my clothes they will last longer.

Ms Gallagher has popped up some lovely suggestions in the Home Economics area. Why not click into her area and find a recipe you might like to follow.

B4 Participate in the preparation of a healthy meal. She has some lovely suggestions. Let me know which one you decide to do.


Preparing for Work!

This week I would like you to explore your surrounding area. Your garden or if you go for a walk I would like you to identify some commonly found plants and trees. Make a list of the names of the trees and plants you see. If you click on the link below it will help you identify different trees you may see.

Your garden is a very busy place at the moment with all the spring birds and bugs coming out to enjoy this fine weather. Take some time to find these wonderful signs of spring.

  • A worm after a spring shower
  • A bee looking for nectar from a flower
  • A spotty ladybird exploring the grass
  • A slimy snail in a dark damp spot
  • A butterfly basking in the sunshine.