Inisbofin 5th-8th May Art & Music!

This is a lovely time to enjoy listening to music. Below are a couple of songs I want you to listen to and hopefully enjoy! Think about how each of them makes you feel. Can you picture the song in your mind? Are they fast or slow? Which song would be best for dancing to? Listen to them a few times in the week. Try and sing along to them.

Have you a favourite song at the moment? When we think back in years to come about the summer of 2020 what song will remind you of this time. Email me and tell me! I might be able to feature it next week in our music section!! My email


Why not try a little abstract art this week. I like the artist Kandinsky. He is Russian and his art work is so colourful! Below are examples of his art work. Take a look at them and use them to inspire you. If you don’t have paint at home or use crayons/markers/pencils. If you don’t have any of those why not try creating a piece of abstract art work by cutting old paper fro magzines, empty food packets and sticking down different shapes to create something amazing! Take a picture & email it onto me.