INISBOFIN 2nd-5th June

Morning Everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather is fantastic today so if you fancy taking your school tour today and heading out to your back garden or your local park or somewhere else that you are allowed then go for it! Make the most of these beautiful days but please remember to drink plenty of water and wear sun protection!

Communication & Language


I have chosen books for you to read. There are 3 reading groups. Groups A, B & C are coloured pink, blue & orange. The level of the books gets harder as you move up through the alphabet. I have spoken to you all and told you what group you are in. If you forget just email me. Feel free to read more than the book I have set for you. If you find the book I set you too easy just move up to the next group and email me!

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to access your book.


Read the book. Complete the exercise at the end of the book online. Discuss your favourite fruit. Can you sort out some of the food shopping this week and make 2 groups. Fruit and Vegetable. Discuss your favourite fruit with your family and get them to tell you yours. Make a table to show everyones favourite fruit. Look at the table below and then make your own.


Read the book. Read along with the audio if you need a little help but then try to read book on your own. There are a lot of interesting words in this book. Can you put the words below into sentences.

  • lion
  • cheetah
  • shark
  • camouflage
  • insect
  • lizard

Can you draw a picture of an animal/insect that camouflages itself. Write a short piece about it.


Read the book complete exercise at the end of the book online. Down load the worksheet below. You don’t need to print it, just look at it and answer the questions in your copy.

Please continue to write your diary. Don’t forget you can draw pictures in it to. After such a fabulous weekend I am sure you have something to write about.

Caring for a pet:


Continue with Joe Wicks but why not try a little zumba and shake things up a bit!


This week I would like you to paint/draw a still life of a bowl of fruit or a piece of fruit. A still life is a drawing of something that is not living. Use the whole page and draw/paint your picture. Below is a little inspiration!


Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday.

On the day of Pentecost 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus the Holy Spirit poured out upon the followers of Jesus. God continues to pour out the Spirit upon all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. Below is a link with some simple stories that will explain about Pentecost.

Below are a couple of images of the Holy Spirit coming down on the followers of Jesus Christ. Click in and have a look at them for inspiration. Maybe you could draw a picture of the Holy Spirit yourself.


Yoga can be a lovely way to relax. It can help us deal with stress that we sometimes feel. Below is a link that will take you to a yoga online class based on Harry Potter. Why not click on it and enjoy a session of yoga!

Below is another link for a yoga class. It is completely different to the yoga lesson above. Why not click on it sometime this week when you might be feeling a bit frustrated or stressed. Concentrate fully on the lesson and after you complete the lesson think how did it make you feel? Did you feel relaxed after you did it? Would you do it again?

Living in the Community

Below is a copy of a map of our school showing the fire exits. It is important to know where the fire exits are no matter where you are. Can you spend time this week drawing a map to show the fire exits in your home. Write out the steps you would take if there was a fire in your home.


This week we will look at pattern. You can make your own patterns using using colours, beads, paper. See how creative you can be. Below are a couple of images to help with ideas.

Number work is full of patterns too! Can you complete these number patterns.

  • 2,4,6, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___,
  • 5,10,15, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___,
  • 12, 10, 8, ___, ___, ___, ___
  • 22, ___,18, ___, 14, ____, 10, ____, ____, ____, 2, ____

Below are more examples of pattern work. The first down load is a pattern created with images. The following downloads are patterns created with images. You don’t need to print these off. You can if you like but look at them and see if you can figure out how to complete the pattern.

Continue counting work with money!