Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I can’t believe May is nearly over. Where has the time gone? We are now in phase 1 and some restrictions are being lifted. We still have to be very careful and wash our hands and maintain social distance but now we can meet up in small groups. Please stick to the advice and keep safe!



I hope you are all still keeping your diary folks! Write or draw in it every day.

Write/draw a page describing a holiday you would love to go on when it is safe to travel again.


I have chosen more books for you this week on the website Big Cats. When you click on the link below follow the instructions and click on your book. Remember what group you are in. Groups A,B C are coluoured Pink, Blue & Orange. The books get harder as they move through the alphabet A,B&C. If you are managing the reading book too easily move up to the next group and let me know. Also you need to read an other book of choice in the week. The most important thing to do is read for 20 minutes every day. Practice makes perfect!


Read along with audio and then try and read on your own. Sound out words. Look at the first letters and sound them out!

Click on the link and complete the exercise.

Draw a picture of things you like on a picnic. Label the picture: Perhaps you can use words from your book and you can use your own words too! E.g. Rug, ball, sandwiches, juice…..


Read the book Robots. If you have difficulty reading it read along to the audio first and then try and read on your own. Sound out words if you get stuck.

Draw a picture of a robot you would like to make. Label the robot. Below are some words you might use to label it but you can use your won words too! Once you draw your robot write 5 sentences about it.

  • motor
  • camera
  • arms
  • computer
  • wheels


Read the book Pompeii on the bigcats website. Download and complete the following worksheet. You don’t need to print it off just look at download and then do work in copy.

Write a short piece on what you think life was like for people in Pompeii 2000 years ago.


Music is a very important part of film making. It helps create the atmosphere and has the power to make you the person watching the film feel happy, sad, excited….Listen to the following pieces.

  • Can you name the films that these pieces of music were written for?
  • How does the music in the first piece help create that feeling of excitement?
  • The music repeats itself a bit at the beginning of the second piece do you think this add to the atmosphere?
  • When you listen to both pieces of the music do they remind you of the films?
  • Can you name some of the instruments in the orchestra?
  • Can you name a film where you think the music is fantastic and helps make the film even better!


Find a nice smooth stone or pebble and decorate it. You can use some bright colours and decorate it as brightly as possible. You can write your name on it or a message like “welcome”. Below is a link to give you more ideas but you can decorate the stones anyway you want! Get creative!


Below is a prayer for all the people that are effected by coronavirus. Maybe you could say that prayer a couple of times this week. It would also be lovely if you could make up your own prayer as well. You can write it/draw it or just say it.



I hope you all still have a small container of coins that you are counting out daily.


WE will continue working on time this week. I hope you are paying more attention to the clock! Remember to look at the clock regularly in the day. Try your best to tell the time. Ask if you are having difficulty. Blow are a couple of exercises on time. Do your best to complete them.


Restrictions are lifting slowly and we can now move up to 5km from our homes in order to shop and exercise. Can you identify places that you can go to in your area that are free for you to use at this time. Perhaps you live near a park or a beach? Perhaps you live close to the mountains, or have lovely country side walk you can go on.

Pretend you are writing a tourist guide for your area. What could you pop in it. Do you live close to something historical like a castle or an old ruin? Do you live surrounded by amazing views. Perhaps you live close to a park?

Draw some pictures to reflect the area you live in and give some information to people who might like to visit Cooley, Castlebellingham, Dundalk or Castleblaney. Write a short piece about your area that tourists might find interesting.


I hope all of you are still helping out at home. The weather this week is to be amazing so get outside as much as possible and do some jobs around the garden!

Keep a gardening diary and log the tasks you do each day. Garden jobs can include the obvious like weeding and sweeping up the patio, to watering the plants but other jobs might be cleaning up garden furniture and painting a fence. Keep a diary of what you get up to in the garden for the next few weeks.


Keep up with Joe Wicks!