Good Morning Everyone,

I can’t believe we have come to the end of the school year! I know that for some of you the past couple of months have been tough but I hope that now that things are beginning to relax a bit that you are enjoying yourself more. I have missed seeing you all every day and look forward to meeting you when the school re-opens!


This week I challenge you to get active and participate in the school PE Challenge! Everyone is invited to create their own sports day activities, encourage your family or perhaps a friend to take part in the activities with you. If you are playing with a friend remember the social distance! Send in some photos of you taking part in the activities and they will be used to create a lovely slide show of all the students in the school.

Think of the different type of activities you can do.

  • The egg and spoon race
  • Sit ups
  • Obstacle Course
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Skipping
  • ………the list is endless

This is one of the more interesting activities I got in! Unfortunately the picture will only show sideways for me! But as you can see don’t limit yourself. Come up with interesting activities and send them in to inisbofin@stbrigids,net




Click on the book and read through it. You can listen to the audio and read along with it or you can talk about the pictures and point out words you recognise. Complete short exercise online at end of book.

Download activity sheet and complete during the week.


This book is found in the Progress section of the blue books. Listen to audio and read along to or try reading on your own. Whatever makes you comfortable. Complete the exercise at the end of the book. Down load the work sheet and complete it also. You don’t need to print it off just do work into your copy.


Read book. Read along to audio if you prefer. There are words in this book that you may not have seen before. They are related to the game of cricket. Can you pick out any new words?

What are the main rules of cricket? Find out and write them out?


This week I want you to look back over the last few months since school broke up and write down the best things about having been at home so much. I know sometimes it has been tough but what are the good things? For me the best things about being at home so much is I see my children more! I also am in the car a lot less and I really like that. Write down what you like about being home.

POEM: Read and Enjoy.

Do you think it is a good description of what a bee does?


Listen to the following piece of music.

  • Do you feel like moving to it? Maybe start by moving your arms and see how you go.
  • Can you imagine a bumble bee flying from flower to flower collecting nectar?


Let your creativity flow and paint/draw a picture of a bumble bee. Here are a couple of pictures to inspire you!

There are lots of bee ideas on pinterest so you can check them out!

Portrait Competition:

I saw this lovely competition and there is a week until the deadline to enter so if you are feeling EXTRA CREATIVE this week why not put something together. A portrait is a picture of someone. It can be painted, drawn in pencil or perhaps collage. Below are some examples of portraits. You could do a portrait of a friend or family member or a self portrait and do a picture of yourself.

This portrait has a more modern twist!

A portrait can encourage people to think about the person in the picture.


This week maths is going to be very hands on and linked to our PE! We are going to count and measure (time) how many different exercises we do and how long we do them for.

Make a table of all the different exercises you do: It could be like the one I have done, click on it and you can do something like it. You can also do different exercises.


The churches are now opening up more and for some it will be possible to go to mass if there are not too many at it. I am not sure how all this will work in reality but if you can pop into the church and say a prayer of thanks that we are all healthy and stay safe. Remember the power of God and practice saying your prayers. We need to practice saying our prayers and looking after our faith the same way we need to look after our physical health.


We need to look after our environment and remember that we share the earth with other small creatures that all play a vital part in making our world a better place!

The Honey Bee is a great worker. Don’t under estimate the work it does. Watch the short clip and learn about the life of the bumble bee! There is a short exercise after you watch it. Just click and down load it. You can chat about all you learnt about bees to someone. They are fascinating animals!