Inisbofin 18th-22nd

Hello everyone! It was good to get speaking to most of you on the phone this week. I know that some of you are finding it boring to be at home so much and are missing your friends. Just do your best to stay positive. This week the government is letting some people go back to work and now we can all exercise up to 5km from our homes. In a few weeks more restrictions will be lifted and eventually we will get back to school!

This week’s work is based around the theme of staying positive. We have to try our hardest to make the best of the situation we are in!


Below is a link to a poem. Click on it to open it up. I don’t want you to necessarily learn it by heart rather I want you to read it a few times over the week and think about the message in the poem.

Once you have read the poem a few times I want you to write/draw a short piece telling me about your dreams. What type of life do dream about having when you are old enough to leave school? Where do you dream of living and what do you dream of doing? Perhaps you want to write about your dreams when Covid 19 is not such a big threat. I know at the minute my dreams are small but mean a lot to me. I dream of giving my mum and dad a hug and enjoying a nice cup of tea with them when we can meet up.


Don’t forget to write in your diary every day. In years to come you will enjoy looking back through them and remembering the year of 2020 when the whole world got stopped in its tracks!


I know some of you in the class are at different levels of reading. It does not matter what level you are at. What matters is that you read every day! Practice makes perfect! Below are book suggestions. I want you to read at least one set book each week but also a book of choice. I know some of you have books at home but feel free to go into Big Cats Website and click on a book of choice also. You can let me know how you are getting on at the reading by emailing me at


Read along with audio. Then try reading on your own. Complete the activity on the book by clicking on the download.


Read the book


Read the book and complete the exercise below on the link.


As you know May is the month where we celebrate Mary. We make May altars and we remember her in prayer. This week I would like you to say the rosary daily. You can pray along with Fr. Peyton, just click on the link below.

Make your own set of rosary beads. You can use string, wool, beads, pasta shapes, whatever you can think of. Just look at for ideas. Here is a set below to help you!


Continue with Joe Wicks.

BAll SKILLS: Challenges for the week!

  • How long can you keep a ball in the air using foot? Count how many times you kick the ball.
  • Chest Pass: How many times can you throw the ball at a wall and catch it? Throw it using two hands, throw out from your chest.
  • Bounce the ball: How long can you keep the ball bouncing for? Count how many times you bounce it.
  • Try an improve on your skills daily!


I hope you are all still helping out at home because as I explained a few weeks ago helping to take responsibility for ourselves and helping out at home is a way that we all prepare for work!

Now over the past couple of weeks I hope you have used the washing machine a couple of times at the very least! Now I want you to complete the target D3: Describe and use electrical equipment correctly and safely. I want you to describe how to use a washing machine. You can do this by:

  • Write down the steps you take to use the washing machine
  • Draw a set of pictures to show the steps you take when putting on a wash
  • Describe the steps you take using a washing machine. You can tell list the steps you take and record them on a table or phone and send me the recording.

Remember when you are using a washing machine you need to seperate and sort clothes! Where do you put the washing powder? Set temperature?



Keep counting your money! Remember keep a small pot of coins on the table and count out different amounts. The more you practice this the better you will get at it. I have put some exercises on the document below. Click on it and complete.


Click on the link above and it will explain what I am looking for this week.

Some follow up exercises you can do if you wish.


This week we are going to look at guarantees. What exactly is a guarantee?

A guarantee is a legal term that certain conditions will be fulfilled. A product or a service can come with a guarantee. Here is a visual example of a guarantee:

Look at this example of a guarantee.

  • Who is giving the guarantee?
  • What does the guarantee promise?
  • If the pizza is late what will Dominos do?

Writing Exercise:

Pretend you just bought a new I phone with money you got for your birthday. You have it one week and now the phone keeps switching itself off in the middle of a call. Write a letter to Apple to complain about the phone and demand that you get your money back. For some of you you might find it difficult to write the letter but practice what you would say with someone.

Things you need to say in your letter:

  • Where the phone was bought
  • When the phone was bought
  • What the problem is
  • That you are looking for the money back or else a new phone.