Inisbofin 11th-15th May

Hi Everyone! How are you all keeping. I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather. Fingers crossed the sun keeps shinning! Here are another set of activities for you to do this week. I can only imagine how hard it is for some of you to get the work done but please do your best! Remember you can always email me. My address is

Living in the Community. Consumer Choices:

Below is some information on labels that are commonly found on clothes. Open up the document and discover what the labels mean.

Below is an activity based on labels. Try your best to read the labels and also find 5 different labels on clothes items at home! You can print out the activity it you want but there is no need to. You can just write your answers into a copy or do them orally. You can record yourself if you like and send the answers on to me!


Don’t forget how important exercise is! It helps the mind and the body! Joe Wicks has managed to get his wife involved in doing exercises. Have you managed to get anyone to join you as you exercise? Continue following Joe Wicks but also continue with exercise out doors!

This week I want you to design an obstacle course like we would normally have on our fun activity day at school. Come up with a range of different activities. E.G. The egg & spoon race, balance a bean bag on your head (can you suggest something else to use instead of a bean bag?) Design your course, try out the activities. Send me in photos of you doing the activities or a detailed drawing of your course! Good luck and try and come up with something different!


How is your May alter looking?

Remember that May is the month that we celebrate Mary. Mary is the mother of Our Lord. Her story is told in the New Testament of the Bible. If you have a bible at home maybe you could read a little bit of it each day.


Pray to Mary every day and draw a nice picture of her.

Communication and Language

Reading: Make sure you continue reading every day! I will set out reading below for you but make sure you read a book of your own choice also! It is important to read everyday. Practice makes perfect! Your reading material for this week can be found on the big cats website

Group A: Pink Book “The Farmer’s Lunch” Read through the book. Chat about the pictures. Concentrate on the word “Where’s” . Where’s is a short way of writing where is. Look at the shape of the word. Can you see the smaller word “here” in it. Write out the word 5 times. Can you put it into a simple sentence? Make 5 simple sentences. Where’s my…… Do you know any farmers? Do they eat big lunches? What do you like to make for lunch? There is a little activity at the end of the book. Complete it if you can.

Group B. Blue Book “Animals in Hiding” Perhaps there is one or two words you may not know so listen online as the book is being read. Read the book by yourself with the sound turned off. Complete the activity at the end. Spend some time looking at the words. There are some long words with a few syllables in them for example “camouflage”. The word can be broken down into 3 syllables cam ou flage. Can you find 5 words in the book and break them down into syllables.

Group 3. Orange Book “The Titanic” Read and complete the short exercise at the end. Can you draw a picture of the Titanic and write 5 of the most interesting facts about it.


Can you write a postcard to someone this week just to let them know that you are thinking of them.

I hope you are remembering to keep your diary. This week the JCSP are running a competition. They are looking for you to write a short account of a day in the life of a young person in 2020. The criteria for the piece is listed below:

  • a creative and original piece of work by you
  • Posts are presented in a clear manner
  • Entries should have a minimum of 30 words and a maximum of 200
  • The piece can include images, illustrations or emojis
  • Pieces entered may be published by the JCSP team on their website or other JCSP material.
  • There is a prize of €50.
  • If you want to enter please email me your work by Thursday at the latest so I can send it on. If you don’t want your work to go into the competition just let me know but give it a go! Good Luck!

Help your parents and write out a shopping list for when they are going shopping.

Art Work:

Click on the image below. It will tell you about a lovely art competition that involves drawing/painting a lovely picture of our heroes of today! Please send in your work to me. My email is


This week I want to focus on time! Please if you can pull out a calendar and look at it.

Look at the copy of your calendar. Look at the month of May. Answer the following questions.

  • How many Saturdays in May?
  • The first day of May this year was ___________
  • How many Wednesdays in May?
  • My sons will be 9 on the 31st May. What day is their birthday?
  • I have a meeting on the 3rd Thursday in May. What date is that?
  • How many days in the month of May?
  • If you have a full calendar at home can you mark the birthdays in for everyone in your family.
  • How many months in a year?
  • Can you name all the months?

Counting and Money!

Can you continue practicing counting out money and calculating change. Last week I gave you a sample of different counting/change activities. Continue working out change. For some of you you will be working out change from 10 & 20c. For others you will be working out change from 50c and for the remainder of you you can work out change from €1, €5 & €10. The work in your maths copies will indicate where you left off at school so please try your best.

Look at the shopping receipt from the last family shop. Can you find out the price of these items.

  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Cereal
  • Butter
  • tea

Don’t forget to practice your mental maths. As I already said is good for this. I know some of you still like concrete materials for working with so use things like clothes pegs as counters.


In life we sometimes have to wear different clothes when we are doing different things. Sometimes we need to wear specific items of clothing to protect us. For example in woodwork we may need to wear goggles when we use some of the tools. In home economics we may need to wear oven gloves to protect our hands when we are putting things in or taking things out of the oven. We also wear clothes to look smart and to help identify us for example our school uniform. Take a look at the attached document and complete the simple exercise.