Hi everyone..welcome back

I hope you all had a nice Easter and that you are all well,happy and making the most of the time at home with your Family.I miss everyone so much!.Please let me know what you are all up to.Please feel free to send me an email…homeec@stbrigids.net

lets get some work done today…..I want you to go to a kitchen cupboard,pick any food product EG cornflakes,beans,biscuits or a jar of sauce.Into your notebook I want you to list the following information you can find on the food product packaging.

1.Name of product.2 list of ingredients in the product.3.Weight of product.3.Best before dates/use by dates.4.Storage instructions.5.Cooking/heating instructions.6.name of the producing company.7.Country of origin.8.contact details for the manufacturer.As all this information is legally required on all food packaging in Ireland you should have no problem doing this little bit of research.Here is some information that will help you complete the exercise.

The QQI Students might have a try at this exercise,do not worry if you have no printer ,just write your answers into your note books.FOOD LABELS

Have a look at this video ,If you are like me and feel you are eating too much ,it is a good source of information The guy talks about 10 rules. Pick three of these for your notebook. FOOD INTAKE VIDEO and also this one WHAT IS A CALORIE

I found this a very helpful message when choosing food in the supermarket

Have a good Monday, I will catch you again tomorrow.