Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday

I hope the recycling is going well in the house and that you are washing all the materials before you put it in the bin.Remember I would like you to keep an account in your diary or get an adult to do so,or send me a picture or two of you doing your tasks.homeec @stbrigids.net

Im sure you have noticed the amount of food packaging we all have in our house.Today I want you to take a closer look at the plastic/cardboard we are chucking out!

In Ireland The Food Authority of Ireland (FAOI) is a government body responsible for…….

1 The Production of food stuff.

2.The labeling of food stuff.

3 The transport of food.

4.The storage of food .

5The sale of food.

The FAOI regulates the use of labels on food,it is against the law to sell a product without proper labeling.The manufacturer/processor must display a list of information.

The information below gives us the nutritional value of low fat milk.This information gives us the opportunity to make wise food choices .On any food label find 1 .serving size.2.calorie content.3 .Fat content 4.salt (Sodium) 5.Protein Content 6.Carbohydrate content.7.Sugar content.Please write this into your diary.

Your task for today is to look at a few different types of labels. Two in the fridge , two in the kitchen cupboards and two in the freezer.

Have a look at the best before dates/use by date.food which has a long shelf life eg tins of beans,sauces will have a use by date and food which will have a short shelf life eg.milk,sausages or bread

Here are a few examples of food labels I found in my kitchen

Remember to write the dates and the name of the food into your diary.We will do some practical cookery tomorrow.Catch you then