Hi Everyone …

I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your family …

Don’t forget to help out at home. It is a very stressful time for everyone.

Also have some fun … Be Creative … Try out new hobbies …

I have a few lessons for you to complete this week. Mrs Kelly is adding some too.

Remember your groups.

Group One is Hannah Cotter, Hannah Campbell, Ryan O’ Hagan, Abbie Lynch & Joe Mc Gee.

Group Two is Emma Smith, Tom Stokes, Jake Mc Manus & Molly Conway.

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis, morning & night.

Groups One & Two

Personal Care: I have a diagram designed for you to either copy or use on your computer. It is for keeping a record of washing your teeth twice a day. See Download Underneath.

Group One


I want you to do the following exercise. It is a simple way to remind you to pray everyday for yourself & your loved ones. Anyone in group two is Welcome to do it too … See Download Underneath.

Group Two


This is a word search using words associated with religious values. It also includes technology as you have to highlight each letter individually. It will be good practice for having good control of the mouse. Enjoy! See Download Underneath.

Communication & Literacy

Group One

I want you to pick outfits for various occasions. Have some fun doing it. I have given you instructions on what to do. See Download Underneath.

Group Two

I want you to send a postcard to the Rathlin Classroom at School. You could use the free postcards that we all received from the government. No stamp is required. I have given you some guidelines. See Download Underneath.

If anyone has any problems you can email me at rathlin@stbrigids.net

You can also email any evidence of homework that you have completed.

I can save it all …

Mind Yourselves & Keep Safe … Regards Mrs Heneghan.