Hello there

Glad you could make it! Hope all is well with you and your family and the only complaint we’re all suffering from is a little bit of cabin fever. Thankfully, my dog has learned to walk himself and of course he does enjoy the running machine if it’s raining! Better safe than sorry I say. By staying at home and practising good hygiene methods, we will beat the virus.

Anyway, you have probably finished all that work you received on the last day at school or in the post. There was no escape! So, being the kind and generous teacher that I am, I have decided to shower you with even more gifts. No please don’t thank me, it’s the least I can do!

As a way of revising work already covered in the year, I have created folders in various subjects with worksheets, quizzes and website. There is something for everyone. If you or your parents think an exercise is too difficult, simply complete the parts you can do. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t print the work out! Simply get a copy book or refill pad and complete the work in that instead.

Like you, I’ve lost some structure to my day but unlike you, I’ve seen another side to my kids. I’m not built for chasing or hide and seek every day! They say school days are the best days of our lives and they may be right. So to get us back into some routine, I’ll keep producing the worksheets and you can dedicate some morning time to completing them and other tasks. You can email your work or get in touch through our class email address gola@stbrigids.net

Finally, make sure you help your parents in whatever way you can, even when they ask you to leave the room! Only last week I was on the thinking step myself!

Right enough said! Have a bash at the work and try your best. Your children are relying on you..

Mr. Conlon