Hello Students…Happy Thursday.

I hope you are all well ,getting some exercise and fresh air every day.Exercise is very important for your mental health.

keeping safe when we are at home is something we should all aware of.can you identify all the hazards in this crazy kitchen?

Write them into your note book,please

Home bathroom safety | Hawk Haven
The bathroom can also be a very dangerous room in the house.Cant you spot all the potential dangers here.Write them into your note book,please

Below are some items you will find in the bathroom.Discuss with somebody which items could cause an accident and why.?

Practice your writing skills by writing down the word and numbering the pictures into your notebook also.

The bathroom - English ESL Worksheets for distance learning and physical  classrooms

We have done a lot of work this week,well done to you all.keep the emails coming.homeec@stbrigids.net or agallagher@stbrigids.net