Hello from the Garden

How to make an organic plant feed for your plants.

Plants are excellent non verbal communicators. For example:

When they’re thirsty, their leaves droop.
When they’re hungry, the leaves turn yellow, and the plant looks a bit miserable.
When they don’t get enough light, they become leggy (ie the stems become long and weak). And so on.
But when they’re happy, they look radiant!
Today, we’re going to look at making a homemade feed for those hungry plants. Nettles are extremely rich in nitrogen and are therefore excellent for greening up your plants. So if the leaves are looking a bit yellow, then a feed of nettle brew is just what the doctor ordered!
All you need are strong rubber gloves (as nettles can sting), a scissors and a bucket with a lid.
Cut a large bunch of nettle leaves ( ask an adult for help with this ) and place them in a bucket, then top with water. Cover with a lid and leave aside for two weeks. After this time, the brew will look brown and will have a very strong smell, which is a sign that it’s ready for use. You can either Strain and bottle the brew or scoop out the leaves and use it as it is.
To use , dilute one part liquid to ten parts water.

Dont be tempted to make a stronger mix ie more nettle brew to water, as it will burn the plants. In this case Less is definitely More. Also it’s a good idea to water the base of the plants rather than the leaves so they don’t scorch.
If you do get stung, then help is at hand. When we were small, we used to pick dock leaves and spit on them and rub them on the sting. It worked like magic!