Hello from the Garden (1 of 3)

Today, we’re going to look at Parts of a Plant, you may have done this particular exercise before. If so, treat it as revision.


: Draw or cut out Parts of a Plant and label them : Roots, Stem, Leaf, and Flower ( see picture above).

: Write out the Function of each part (see below) and cut and paste it beside the appropriate part.

Roots: ( I am usually hidden underground).

(1)I take up water and food for the plant from the soil.

(2) I also attach the plant to the ground so it doesn’t fall over.


(1) I am like a straw. I suck up water and food from the roots and carry it to the leaves.

(2). I also help the plant to stand tall.


(1). I make food for the plant using an amazing process called photosynthesis.


(1). My job is to attract insects. The insects move pollen around to lots of flowers including me and this helps me make new seeds.