Hello Everyone, Happy St Brigids Day

St. Brigid's Cross | St brigid, St brigid cross, Brigid's cross

Of course if we were at school today we would be celebration our very own school patron saint. We can still do this, in a food way!!

Today we will make some traditionally Irish Soda Bread. This bread is steeped in our history and tradition. It dates back 100’s of years, when yeast was very expensive and unavailable in this country.

Here is the famous chef, Darina Allen making her soda bread click on this link to view.


Ok lets get started, with making this very simple delicious bread. As always check you have all the ingredients you need before you start.

You can make this a sweet bread or a savoury bread. Your choice, Maybe check with the family to see what the majority vote on it is.!!!

place 2 cups of plain flour ,1 teaspoon bread soda,2 heaped table spoons castor sugar in a clean bowl. Mix well.
i made mine with dried fruit, If you want to make your bread savoury(salty taste)you can add a pinch of salt instead of the sugar and some grated cheese and maybe some herbs such as thyme, oregano or basil.
Now add in 2 cups of buttermilk, gently mix all the ingredients together
After gently mixing, so you have no visible dry flour, turn out onto a floured counter

follow this link which shows you how to knead


Knead into a shape like this, flatten down slightly so make sure the bread cooks through.

with a sharp knife cut a cross on the top of the dough legend has it ,this is to let the fairies !!!

bake in a pre heated oven @200 degrees for approx 40 mins,

this is a good way to check if your bread is cooked right through ,put a knife into the bread ,if it comes clean, your bread id cooked