Blue 5th – 8th May

Hello class blue, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend with your family and made the most of the beautiful weather 🙂 Here are some suggested activities for this week. Please don’t put yourself under pressure to complete every task, remember to do a little when you can and some time outdoors is so important. If you have any queries or would like to send me some photographs of what you have been getting up to, please email me at!


Continue using Collins Big Cat ebook resourses for reading. Wee Bookworms are providing a free online storytime session every Saturday at 11.30am on their facebook page which is something different and might be of interest to you (see attached)

Continue using the jolly phonics song and actions to familiarize yourself with letter sounds and actions. Practice correct letter formation on the following link which allows you to choose the letters you wish to practice

If outside, practice writing your name using chalk and pebbles like below

Even better when the sun is out, have some fun with water! Write the letters of your name on some disposable cups. Line the cups up to spell your name correctly. Which letter do we need first? Which letter comes next? Once you have lined them up in the correct order, knock them over with the water 🙂 You can also use this activity to help with letter recognition. Listen to the instruction of mum/dad and hose the letter they call out. For those with dolch list 1 and 2, write the words on the cups.

Continue to write your news daily and/or keep a diary of pictures and sentences of what you are doing each day:

Our oral language poster this week is all about the farm. Look at the poster and use the prompts below to talk about it.


We will continue to look at Time. Lets learn about the clock. Listen to the following song

Learn to tell the time with this fun “What time is it?” chant. A great way for kids to learn to tell the time. What time is it? Can you tell time? Let’s practice together 🙂

Follow the instructions to create your own clock

For those working on number recognition the following activity is a fun way of identifying numbers and can be played as a bingo game which class blue love playing! Brush the salt/sugar/flour/soil to one side to reveal a number and cross the number out on your number list. Remember to take turns 🙂

For those who are working on addition and number bonds, I have set some challenges for you. All you need is a hanger and some pegs

Continue to use for fun interactive games on shapes, counting, ordering, sorting and classifying.


Last week we looked at the story of the Cautious Caterpillar. This week we will look at the life cycle of a butterfly. Watch the following PowerPoint. Can your recall and sequence the stages of the butterfly? Perhaps use sequencing words like first, next, then, last.

Can you model the life cycle of a butterfly with pasta?

If you have access you can print off the following activity and use a dice to play the game roll, say, colour.

I know class blue love to bake as they helped me make pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. We had our chef hats on, our sleeves rolled up and sparkling clean hands! Lets bake these butterfly cupcakes, they sound delicious! Watch how the ingredients change texture and colour as they are mixed together and after they are baked in the hot oven 🙂

P.E. –

Spell your your full name and complete the activity listed. You can use the names of everyone in your family and challenge yourself to some activity every day 🙂

Religion –

During the month of May we remember Mary, Jesus’ Mother. An Idea might be to create a May Altar in your house. I have attached a prayer booklet, maybe you could say one of the prayers each night for all of the frontline workers who are amazing!

Art/Music –

If you have a sponge at home, you can tie an elastic band around the middle and make some butterfly prints!

Follow the link to listen to and watch the Butterfly Dance song. There are actions to each of the four stages of the butterfly life cycle. Can you dance the butterfly life cycle? I know you can!! 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Mrs Carnegie 🙂