Hello again from the Garden (4)

Transplanting toilet roll seedlings:

(A) First to recap on how to sow using toilet rolls.

: Either cut the rolls in half or leave them whole. Sit them in a container.

: Put some kitchen/loo paper in the bottom of the toilet roll to keep in the compost.

: Fill with compost and sow your seed as normal.

(B) Transplanting.

: Fill your container with soil or compost.

: Sit the loo rolls onto the compost.

: Add some compost in and around the toilet rolls. This just protects them from drying out. (It doesn’t matter if the loo rolls are visible).

: And water in. Easy peasy!

This was a favorite technique of Mr. Hinfeys for growing carrots, and he passed it onto me when I first started in St. Brigids. We wish him well and hope he is happy-out in the garden!