Hello again from the Garden (3)

Did you know that tomorrow , the 1st of May, is known as May Day or La Bealtaine.

In Ireland, it was the custom to celebrate the festival of Bealtaine (May), because it hearalded the coming of summer. Would you like to celebrate Bealtaine in your own home or garden.

Symbolically, we want to let go of the old and welcome in the new.

So, to begin, on this May eve, have a think about something you would like to let go of. It could be you had a row with someone and you’re still annoyed with them, or it could be an old habit you want to break ie eating too much chocolate etc. Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper or ask an adult to do it for you. And then tomorrow, Friday (May Day), dig a hole and bury it in the garden.

Next, think of something you would like to do or create during this summer season. It could be painting the shed; cleaning out the garage; taking up a hobby ie photography on your phone or walking; or planting something new in your garden or in a container and watching it grow.

Again, write it down, but this time, stick it on your fridge, so that when you need reminding, you will see it.

Lastly, you might like to create a little May alter in your home for the month of May. Bealtaine was also a time to celebrate St Brigid ( also known as Mary of the Gael). So if you like, you could place a St. Brigids Cross on the alter. Gather some wild flowers or garden flowers and place them in a glass of water for the table. Add maybe a candle or a picture you have painted. The main thing is to choose something that has meaning for you and reminds you of summer.