Hello again from the garden (2)

DID YOU NOTICE that most of the flowers in bloom at the moment are yellow. After green, yellow is the easiest color for nature to create. It’s also the most colorful, which helps attract low flying insects to pollinate the flowers ( more of that another day).

Some of the yellow flowers you may know are daffodils, primroses, dandelions, wallflowers and gorse/furze.


  • When you’re out in nature today, see how many different yellow flowers you can find. If you know their names, write them in your NATURE JOURNAL and describe them ( what shape is the flower, how many petals are there, what shade of yellow is it, Is there a different color in the center?).
  • Draw or paint one of the flowers in your Journal.
  • Pick a flower and press it by putting it between 2 pieces of paper and placing a heavy book on top of it.