Hello again from the Garden.

Are you ready for the answers to yesterday’s quiz? If you haven’t Done the Quiz yet, go back to yesterday’s Post and have a look.

1 (a) I am a stem.
(b) I suck up water and food from the roots and carry it to the leaves and other parts of the plant.
2. I am fully grown at Halloween.


3 (a) I am a fruit.
(b). You can tell because the fruit is the part of the plant that contains seeds.
4 (a). I am a brussel sprout.
(b) I am the leaves of the plant.
5. I belong to the onion family.
6. The root grew first.
7. I have five petals.
8(a) I am a dandelion
(b). My seeds can be carried by the wind, by humans and by birds into peoples gardens.
9. I am drooping because I am thirsty. I need some water to perk me up.
I am a ladybird!