Happy St Brigids Day GOLA

This image of St Brigid was created by the stained glass artist Harry Clarke and is to be found in St. Marys Church in Ballinrobe , County Mayo.

It is one of Harry Clarkes’s final works prior to his death and was part of the large three-light window located at the organ gallery. The Window shows three of the patron saints of Ireland; St Brigid , St Patrick and St Colmcille,

Harry Clarke is a very famous and incredibly talented stain glass artist.

Harry Clarke Clarke was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1889. His father was a craftsman who worked in design and stained glass, and his brother would also become an artist. Clarke’s passion was in stained glass but he also worked as an illustrator. He illustrated Hans Christen Andersen’s Fairy Tales, followed by Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination,

Clarke began his art studies in his father’s studio . Clarke traveled in Europe during the height of the art nouveau moment and was inspired by the style. Also on these travels, Clarke visited many of the great cathedrals with their varied stained glass windows.

Please study the below examples and come up with up with your own stain glass design idea .You will need to create a line drawing of a face from a magazine or look at your own face in the mirror and create an image . You need to give your image facial features like nose, eyes and mouth and off course hair . You may work from the images generated on last weeks worksheets, What is your person doing in the image ?…. include background details. Once you have created a drawing you need to outline your main lines with a black marker or pen. You may break up some of the larger shapes into smaller shapes with your pen or marker , then colour in your design with bright colours .


Here are some examples of ideas that might inspire you .

Please E mail any images to Sswords@stbrigids.net and have a nice week .

S Swords