Happy Friday – Lets get the game started ?✔️

I have set up my 4 player game on my kitchen table with a few different prompts in the center as you can see above.

Now is a good time to recap on what should have been attempted / completed to date. It is okay and indeed expected that these tasks will need to be repeated at a few different times – each attempt could take about 45 minutes, that a little longer than big break in school, REMEMBER THAT PLACE!!!!!

Planning – we needed to sort out the tools & material we needed. ? ✏️ ? ✔️

Measuring & Marking out. ? ? ✏️ ✔️

Cutting out and modeling using glue / masking tape. ✂️ ? ? ✔️

Excellent we should be ready ??

Rules for game:-

Each player should have 3 tosses of the dice ?

Start ✔️?

If you roll the following numbers, follow the instructions below;

  1. Stand up sit down and place your left hand on top of your head until it’s your go again. ✔️
  2. Pick up the hammer and describe the 2 things we have used it for in the school workshop. ✔️
  3. Stand up sit down 3 times and then change places with player 1. ✔️
  4. Stand up and use your right hand to describe righty tighty 5 times making the right handed circle, then use your left hand to make 5 lefty loosey circles. ✔️
  5. Pick up the smoothing place and describe using your hands and standing position how you have used it in the school workshop. ✔️
  6. Use the mitresaw to describe using your hands and standing / feet position to describe now you have used it in the school workshop. ✔️

If you have imaginary players like me you get to have a lot more goes!

Enjoy, I think it’s time for a Friday treat – can you spot mine in the photo?

Excellent work keep sending in your photos and feedback & sharing your brilliant ideas. Stay safe.