Green 25th May

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your time at home and getting some fresh air every day. Here are some activities to keep you busy this week. Thank you to all the parents who have emailed me some great photos. The class email address is if you would like to contact me or send some of your photos to me.

English: This week we are reading Big Cat books they can be downloaded free from the link  Group 1 are reading the pink and red books, Group 2 are reading green and orange books. These books are free to access and the directions are easy to follow. Click on the link and pick your colour you have two books to read for the week and two activities.

Group 1: Read “The Beach” Red level A and “The Bad Bat” Red level B. There is an activity for each book.

Group 2: Read “I want a pet” Level Green and “When Arthur wouldn’t sleep. Some children could try reading “Star Boy’s surprise from Level purple.

Writing: Group 1: Practice writing your name and address this week. Continue to practice writing the lower case letters.

Group 2: Write 5 sentences in your diary each day about what you are doing at home. Learn your spellings from your spelling workbooks and do the activities each day. Ask a parent to give you a spelling test on Friday.

Listen to the story “A bad case of stripes” by following the link below.

Maths: Group 1: Practice your addition to 10 using the following link to a fun game

Group 2: Try this game to help you with your addition to 20:

Time: Use this link to a game to practice telling the time:

Music: Listen to the piece of music from Carnival of the animals

Write 5 words to describe the music –happy , sad , fast , slow . Do you think it suits the video of the fish? Draw a picture of the fish!