good morning… Happy Wednesday

You all know just how important good hygiene practices are ,not just now in these times of Covid but always when we are the kitchen.Cross contamination occurs when we transfer bacteria or germs from one food to another .It also will occur when we do not keep ourselves and our equipment clean.We are all responsible for the prevention of the transfer of bacteria.Take a quick look at this video.It will show you how easily cross contamination can take place in the preparation of food. FOOD PREPARATION

Proper food storage is also essential to the prevention of food poisoning. Have a look at this small PowerPoint which will help you learn more about FOOD STORAGE

Can you check that the food in your fridge is stored properly?Use this diagram to help.

Ask the person who is cooking to cook a few extra potatoes and I will show you how to make some really nice potato cakes with leftover mashed potatoes ..tomorrow..DONT FORGET ,KEEP IN TOUCH…Mrs Gallagher