Good Morning…Happy Wednesday to you all.

Fibre is very important in our diet to maintain good health.We must do our best to maintain our own good health.Eating Dietary Fibre is important for our digestive health and regular bowel movements. Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer, can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and can assist in preventing some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.

Fibre is found in a wide variety of foods,we are recommended to eat about 30 grammes of fibre per day

The lifesaving food 90% aren't eating enough of - BBC News
Eating fiber can delay brain aging

Eating a variety of whole foods like whole grains vegetables ,brown rice, nuts and seeds boost our good health.Foods which are less processed like brown bread rather than white and wholewheat pasta are more lightly to promote good health and well being.,Eating highly processed food on a regular basis reduces the amount of fibre intake.Processed Foods are foods which have had flavours and colours added.These foods should be kept to a minium and only eaten as a treat.!

Processed food – Some examples…..

Ultra-processed' food is obesogenic and must be made less ...
This is the brown bread I make. It is full of fibre because I use brown wholemeal flour and seeds .

this is the way to make the bread……Make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment on the table before you start and of course clean hands and clean apron!!

Illustration Of An Apron Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free ...
when you have all the ingredients weighed ,place all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
crack the eggs into a bowl or jug
mix the eggs with a fork ,add in the oil
you are ready now to start the nice bit,the mixing!!
add all the liquids now into the dry ingredients.
this is what it should look like..dont panic!! it is a very wet mixture.
line the two tins with greaseproof paper Cut into the corners to make sure it fits.Saves on the washing up!!
the two lined tins
divide the mixture evenly between the two tins
make sure you scrape out all the waste !! Bake for one hour and 20 mins.@150 degrees. This is quite a long time so it is best that there are two loaves in the oven at the same time
,it saves energy.
test with a sharp knife to make sure the loaf is cooked right through.
if the knife is clean,then you know it is cooked.
the finished products BURSTING WITH HEALTHY FIBRE!

I hope you will try this out,even make two and give one to an elderly relative or neighbour near by.Remember I love getting those emails and photographs ,keep them coming.