Good Morning ..Happy Wednesday! Mrs Gallagher

I hope you are all well,getting out into the fresh air and getting a bit of Vitamin D.Today we are going to work on reading a recipe and following instructions.When baking it is essential that you stick with the quantities in the recipe.It is said that baking is an exact science.When making other dishes it is not ridged. you can add in extra ingredients or leave out ingredients it is entirely up to the chef.

A recipe is always made up of a list of ingredients and a step by step list of instructions in the order you should do them if you want a good result for your efforts. The main ingredient in the dish is always listed first.

Please try your best to fill in the answers in this exercise .As I have said before write the answers into your notebook and we can use it going forward,

Using the chart below name as many pieces of cookery equipment you can. Write them into your diary EG ..A;measuring jug/cup

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Also I would like you to try this one too. This a chart showing the functions or job each piece of equipment does in the kitchen.

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