Good Morning ..Happy Tuesday

As the weather continues to stay warm and sunny it is the perfect opportunity to help with preparing food to put on the BBQ .Hope you have seen the Potato salad I put up yesterday .Today I will show you how to make some very easy pessie kebabs. I am using chicken but you can use any good quality meats (the more expensive cuts).chichen is a cheap source of protein ,we need protein for growth and repair.

the finished products !!!
choose what ever vegetables you want to use,these create a lovely rainbow of colour.Chop them into large chunks ,if too small they will fall off the sticks when cooking.wash all vegetables.
wash the chicken fillets
cut the chicken into large chunks also
assemble the kebabs like this ,making sure you use up all the meat and vegetables
I am using peri peri spice to add some flavour,you can use what ever you like with some olive oil
mix the spices with the olive oil to make a marinade
Brush the kebabs
pop them in the fridge until they are needed and this will give the marinade a chance to work.

I like to put all food for BBQ in the oven for a while before putting on the grill to cook,just to be sure that meat is cooked right through.