Good Morning..Happy Tuesday…

I hope you are all doing well ,keeping safe ,washing those hands getting a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Upcycling is when you reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. Recycling is when you convert (waste) into reusable material. … When you recycle an item, it goes back into production and is transformed into a completely different item.

Who needs Claire’s accessories when we can make a lovely comfortable hair band ourselves,and customize it so its original .(no one else will have one like it )

lay the tights out flat on the table, these are new but old ones with holes are just as good.
using your ruler measure approx 18ins
mark the length with chalk or a marker cut along the marking with a sharp sissors
bring the two opposite edges together
tie the two opposite ends together
this is what it should look like,you can make it thinner by doubling it up
you can add what ever you want to it, its your choice, boys I’m not expecting you to add anything to yours !!!
another idea
the options are endless

The pair of tights should make two hair bands.Remember dont cut up anything without asking.Catch you tomorrow for some baking with vegetables !!! Boys all the footballers are sporting these until they get their hair cut like us all.