good morning ..Happy Tuesday from Mrs. Gallagher

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I hope you all had a nice long weekend enjoyed the sunshine we got and got out for lots of the sunshine vitamin D.This vitamin is absorbed through the skin.It is essential (needed) to boost the immune system.Out immune system protects us from certain diseases.Research has shown that vitamin D reduces the risk of depression,heart disease,Helps to reduce the risk of getting the flu and colds.It has also been proven to reduce the chances of weight gain.

Lets get doing some practical work now… is the recipe for the blueberry muffins

cream together the butter and sugar
add the eggs
mix well
add in the washed blueberries
spoon into paper cases ,try to have the same quantity in each one,so they will cook evenly.Bake @200 degrees for approx 20 minutes Dont forget your oven gloves
cool on a wire rack.can be served hot with icecream !!
just delicious !!!!
you could treat someone who is working from home to a cup of tea and a little treat !!!

I hope you enjoy this activity. I would like you to list the equipment you used for this task. Please use your diary and make sure you date it.Catch up tomorrow