Good Morning..Happy Thursday.

I dont know about your house but we are doing Zoom Quizzes every weekend.Everyone loves a quizz !!I know from our class time lots of you love a quiz at the end of class.Well ,today I have compiled a list of 25 questions all about food of course!! Dont worry,I will give you the answers at the end.You could test out the people you live with on their food knowledge…LETS GO…..

1.Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

2.what food is traditionally carved at Halloween?

3.What cake is made using Choux pastry (sounds like shoe)?

4.How is steak tartar cooked?

5.What is the main ingredient in black pudding?

6.What very popular food are maris pipers and roosters?

7.What is couscous made from ?

8.What type of milk is traditionally used to make mozzarella cheese for pizza ?

9.What country is the biggest used of olive oil?

10.What confectionery is usually bought in a gift shop on holiday?

11.What fatty acid is found in many fish and is considered to have many health benefits?

12.what herb is used in pizza and Italian Sauces?

13 Chives have a similar flavour to what vegetable?

14.What colour is tumeric used in indian cookery?

15.What type of beans are used to make baked beans

16 What is the tang on a knofe?

17.What food does a vegan not eat?

18.what is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?

19.What nuts are used to make marzipane icing?

20.Which ingredient in bread causes it to rise?

21.Deer meat is known as what?

22.What famous TV chef comes from Co Cavan?

23.How many calories does a glass of water have ?

24.What nutrient is not present in an egg?

25.Which fast food advertising slogan is “Im loving it “?