Good morning ..Happy Thursday from Mrs. Gallagher

I hope you are all well and looking forward to a bit of very easy bread making..The Italians are famous for their healthy diets and lifestyles.

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as you will see from this food pyramid olive oil and olives plays a very big role in the diet. Both of these ingredients are in the bread I am going to show you how to make today.

you will need 2 cups of plain flour/1 cup of buttermilk or plain yogurt pinch of salt ,pinch thyme and a teaspoon of bread soda
fill the cup right up to the top to measure
place all the dry ingredients in a bowl
pour in the buttermilk
mix until it all comes together in a dough
knead lightly
spread out on a baking tray with the back of a floured hand. Drizzle with olive oil
thinly slice half a red onion.
Arrange the onions and olives,pressing down can sprinkle a little course sea salt on top if you have it…bake @180 degrees for 15/20 mins
when cooked drizzle again with olive oil.

this bread is a savoury dish.It can be enjoyed with a nice salad or on its own. I hope you enjoy making it and eating it. Ohhh if you dont like olives (which I dont) or onions you can leave them off. I hope the QQI students will have a go at this.As the module we are working on is generally around the use of vegetables , this is another good example of the use of your lovely fresh vegetables.