Good morning ..Happy Monday

I hope you and your family are all well,helping out around the house and getting a bit of exercise every day..I would like you to be practicing some of the first tasks you were given a month ago.Examples being….1.empty the dishwasher,2.change your bed covers,3.Put the covers in a wash and hang them out to dry,or 4,Tidy and hoover your room.

Well, as promised, I made my garden bunting and its fabulous …so easy,not a needle or thread in sight!!!

.This is the finished piece !!I’m sure all my neighbours will want one!!!!
1.firstly ,I cut out a triangle 24cms x20cms..(20cms being the top.)
2.Use the ruler to keep the paper in place if you have no pins.
3.I marked out the pattern with a marker,
4.Only cut up to the seam,not through it as you need this to keep it all together.
5.keep cutting until you run out of seam or edge.
6 Next lay the string , ribbon or wool along the centre sticking each triangle down on top of the other
7.This is what it should look like ,I added (Glued) some buttons to the ends which weighted it down. Dont worry if you dont have any it will still look good.
8.And a few pompoms,only because I had them !!!
Sorry about all the distractions on the table tablecloths etc…
I needed a bit of help to hang it….Not bad for the first effort.

Of course the old quilt will make at least two of these and using the top ends of the quilt you could make a small one.Good luck with this,Remember I can be contacted by email if you run into trouble!!And do not cut up anything without asking first !!! Mrs Gallagher