Good Morning ….Happy Monday. Mrs Gallagher

I hope you all had a nice weekend ,got plenty of exercise and helped out around the house. Remember we are a week closer to this all being over and everything getting back to what it was.

Eggs play a very import part of our diet.They are very versatile (have many uses ).

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Culinary uses for eggs

Eggs You can not only eat eggs on their own, but you can use eggs in the preparation of other dishes.
Examples of uses
Aerating -Whipped egg whites contain tiny air bubbles. The foam should look moist and shiny eg Sponge Cakes Meringues
Binding -Eggs can be used to bind ingredients together as they are coagulated when cooked. eg Hamburgers and Omelettes
Clarifying-Beaten egg whites are added to remove impurities and produce a clear finish eg Stocks and Soups
Coating -Coating batters use whole eggs and breadcrumbs to provide a coating or protection for the food item prior to cooking. eg Fried or deep fried foods, such as fish, meats, chicken and vegetables
Enriching -Whole eggs add flavour and nutritional value. eg Cakes
Puddings and Pasta
Emulsion– Whipped egg yolks can hold other ingredients together that do not normally mix, such as oil and vinegar. eg Hollandaise Mayonnaise
Garnishing– Sliced, sieved or chopped hard boiled egg can be used as a garnish.(decorate)
Glazing– Beaten whole egg or yolk brushed onto food items before baking will give it a gloss or glazed finish on eg Bread and scones
Thickening- Beaten egg yolks will coagulate and hold a liquid in suspension when heated eg.Soups and Custard  

In your diary today I would like you to write an example of a dish you know from the examples above. such as ….Glazing =fruit scones . Tomorrow we will make a Quiche which is an example of a use for eggs in which the eggs bind all the ingredients together and also enrich the dish.

Now for a bit of up styling as promised last week…. we are going to make a very stylish face mask from a sock.You can gift it to someone who needs to wear one now !

flatten out the sock like this
stick it to the table
cut like this,make sure your scissors are sharp!
cut both ends like this
cut along the side which is not the heel side
flatten out the fabric like this
double over the fabric and cut two little slits about a half inch from the sides
this the the opening for the ear
turn in the top and bottom so it gives a neater look.this is the finished piece !!

Please do not use any socks in the house without asking. Catch you tomorrow for the quiche .