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Chinese New Year is Fri 12th February

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Chopsticks in China are a pair of small equal-length tapered sticks, usually made of wood, used for eating Asian food. … They are round on the eating end which symbolizes heaven, and the other end is square which symbolizes earth

This is very easy Chinese Dish for you to try….It will defiantly be better than any takeaway and cheaper!!!

Chop the chicken fillets (Im using 2,allow a fillet per person,I am adding a few cashew nuts too because we love them in our house.) Peel and slice the carrots
These are all the ingredients that will add flavour to the dish.Honey/Chilli Powder /Soy Sauce/Garlic/
Fry the chicken in a pan or wok,add in the cashew nuts/chilli powder and crushed garlic.
Add in the sliced carrots
Add in the honey, approx 2 tablespoons
The Finished dish
You can serve with Noodles or Rice or a bit of both.

Want to make a Chinese lantern?

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