good morning everyone.

Something to add to your diary….1.what am thankful for today?…..Who am I connecting with?….What expectation of “normal”am I letting go of today?…..How am I getting outside and getting some fresh air?…..How am I moving my body?……What beauty am I creating,cultivating or inviting in today?

I have it from a very good source that the Easter bunny dos NOT get the virus,he is still allowed out and about!!!

A little bit of work for you over the next few days.I dont want you on screens for long periods so time. when you watch the videos take particular notice of the good Food and Personal Hygiene and write it into your diary, Please.

Did you ever wonder how all those Easter eggs are made,wonder no more,

how chocolate is made

cadburys factory from years ago

Cadburys factory

Toberlone factory

Have a look at the QUEENS EASTER EGG !!

Creme egg Lindt egg