Good Morning Everybody

So here we are again working apart.Hopefully it will only be for a short time.I hope you are all well,eating healthy food and getting a little bit of exercise every day.Remember:it is our own responsibility to look after our minds and bodies………

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I would like you to keep a record of the work you do for Home Economics.Either keep a little diary of the tasks you do or send me a picture to —

Pick three of these tasks to do over the next few days.

1.Tidy your room.

2.Change your bed covers.

3.Put the bins out for collection.

4.Empty the dishwasher.

5.Wash the dishes after dinner.

6.Dry the dishes after dinner.

7.Take the hoover out and use it!

8.Take the dog for a walk,with an adult.

9.Set the table for dinner.

10.Sort the recycling for a day.