good morning !

I hope you are all doing well.Remember this is not easy for any of us.Everyone is missing everyone.Make sure you take lots of photos ,yours may the winner.!!!(see yesterdays post)

Now a bit of work…..The Food Pyramid is our guide to a healthy balanced diet.Click here to look at it. Here is a poster if you have a printer I want you to make your own over the next few days using old magazines .Ask the person who is shopping to pick up some food promotion leaflets over the next few days (Aldi, Lidl, Supervalue, Dunns,etc) Draw a triangle as large as you can.Using what you have is fine.I have been told that Mr Price is still open but not sure.Follow the example of the link above,when you have it finished, you could put it on your fridge.(photo opportunity!!) I also have a food groups game for you to play.You will also enjoy watching this video.The Eatwell plate is also a guide to healthy eating. You can have a look at it here. Remember you can access all these sites by clicking on the words in blue.

Have a nice day and remember to be kind.Practice some of your your tasks I have already given you.