Gardening Week In St. Brigids

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So class yellow, the challenge this week is to get up and get out into the garden. So we have learned I’m not much of a baker, I’m also not much of a gardener either. Hopefully with time and some practice I will get better.

What could you do in the garden?

  1. Water the flowers.
  2. Sweep the yard.
  3. Gather up the leaves.
  4. Pull the weeds.
  5. Plant some seeds.
  6. Feed the birds.
  7. Collect the rain fall in a rain gauge.
  8. Has anyone tried to mow the lawn?
  9. Make a bird bath
  10. grow your own fruit/veg
  11. Make a fairy patch.
  12. Make an insect garden.

Read all the words below. Can you point to where the labels would go.

Gardening word search. Can you read the words and find by pointing to them in the word search?

What do plants need?

Can you label the different parts of the plant?

This is one of my favourite songs about a seed growing up to be a beautiful tree.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Reading: can you read the following book? you will need to log in…