Fun time Friday – skills

Good morning all, I hope you got your dice made and are ready for the next few stages!

You will need to set out your materials and tools on a table .

The plan is to make a game that we can use your dice in. It will be a 4 player game. The players can be real or imaginary.

Step 1. You need to print out your players characters. Use google images and search cartoon images for the ones you like. Make them about the size of your hand, 4 on a page.

Step 2. Print these out / cut out and stick to card before cutting out neatly the finished outline you are going to use.

Sorry I don’t have a colour printer but you can colour in or make your own as shown
?. check out this picture for the details ?

Step 3. To make your character stand, you can draw out a square on card, cut it out neatly and fold as shown before sticking neatly on the back. Do not use a lot of glue and this needs to be pressed together while the glue sets. I put them under a cushion on my chair while I sit on it!

Step 4. ? You will need to print out a few woodwork tools as well for the game, use some pictures that you will be able to describe and talk about. Good luck and enjoy, stand up sit down and use your right hand to give yourself a pat on the the back when you are finished. ??