Flower Experiment

Blasket – your challenge this week was to complete the experiment,

to investigate the function of the stem in a plant.

We know that the stem has 2 jobs,

1 it holds the plant upright and

2 it transports water around the plant.

I did the experiment and this is a photo of the flowers 72 hours later.

I hope you can see the green from the dyed water in the petals of the flower.

This proves that the stem DOES transport water around the plant.

At the start of the experiment I filled the vase half full, you can see how much of the water the stem has absorbed.

Now it is time to write up your results.

You can use this as a template to write up your experiment.

GOOD LUCK.. Don’t forget to email me at gmccabe@stbrigids.net with your results and I’ll post them on our page on Friday.