Feeding time at the zoo!

why not check out the animals getting fed at Dublin Zoo between 2 & 2:30. what animals do you see? what are they eating? https://www.dublinzoo.ie/animals/animal-webcams/

What is your favourite animal? where do they live? what do they eat? what do you call a baby one of these animals, eg. Lion- cub? Describe the animal for me, colour, height, speed and temperament. Draw a picture of your animal or get an image from the internet. keep a record for me and show me when we return to school. Have Fun!

My favourite animal is a panda. they are black and white. They like to eat bamboo. Pandas come from China. A baby panda is called a cub. They are very good at climbing. they love to play. I bet you know the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Panda facts