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Happy saint Brigids Day !!!!!

Hi Folks

Hope you are all keeping well and minding yourselves .

I miss you all very much . I posted out some work to you all last week and I hope you are working on the worksheets as best you can .

You can e mail me some images of your progress to date to sswords@stbrigids.net.

Today is Brigids day and I have found a lovely tutorial on how to make St Brigids cross that I am sharing from the Crafts council of Ireland facebook page . You can make the crosses from pipecleaners or chenille stems or rushes that grow on marshland anywhere. The demonstrator actually shows how to make 3 different types of crosses . So you’ve plenty of choice there! Good luck with that


Last weeks homework focused on emotion and faces . This week I would like you to look at a very famous painting called the Scream.

The Scream - Wikipedia

The SCREAM by Edvard Munch is an inspirational oil painting which remains very popular today. . Edvard Munch was a truly expressionist artist who used his style to get across more than just the object which he was painting. Munch expressed his emotional state in his art.

Munch once was quoted describing one experience which proved part of the inspiration for The Scream painting where he was out with friends walking in the countryside and became unsettled at the sky turned an incredible red. A quick glance at the original shows a clear comparison with this tale in which he was quoted accurately.

Much debate continues on the subject in the foreground of The Scream painting, and no clear decision has ever been made. The painting’s main figure has been suggested as a Peruvian ethnic character that Munch had witnessed previously, other inspirations have also been suggested. This mystery adds to the painting’s fame and value and perhaps has helped it to stand out from the rest of his career.

Now for this weeks work I would like you to create your own version of the scream . You can watch the below tutorial on u tube and try it yourself with media you may have at home

Best of luck with this challenge ,

Please forward any completed work to sswords@stbrigids.net.

I look forward to seeing you all soon in school .

Ms Swords.

Please study the below samples for ideas!