Creative Schools TV

Week 1 CSTV

Hi all,

St Brigids is part of the Art’s Councils Creative School’s initiative and we are delighted to announce the launch of CSTV, a series of online video resources with some of Ireland’s leading artists and creatives. Each week a Creative Associate will offer an insight into their art form and practice and take us through some activities that we can try out at home. You can also submit work to the arts council by following the link in the video description.

First up it is artist photographer Brian Cregan, who talks us through why he loves photography and some brilliant tips for budding photographers like ‘framing’ how to take ‘wide shots’ and ‘close ups’ and the ‘rule of thirds’. This week’s video is aimed at young people in upper primary and post-primary school. Have a watch and see if you are inspired to try out your photography skills. You can submit your work to the Arts Council at the link provided OR to our Creative Associate Aisling at