Creative Classroom Challenges- Week 1

Hi all!

Our creative challenges are back and this time we are going to have some fun in the classroom with a weekly challenge to get our creativity flowing. Each class must select a challenge and work together to complete it. For the first week, we are asking you to check out CSTV- the Creative Schools YouTube channel and choose from one of 6 videos exploring a different area of creativity.

Each class can select which video they would like to watch and work together to carry out the associated Creative activity. You can choose from Photography basics, Drama games, drumming and percussion, Creative Dance, a fun exploration of lacemaking using paper or dive into the world of Spoken word and creative writing. Make sure to document the process and let us know how you get on 🙂 We would love to share each classes work here on the website.

All 6 episodes of CSTV cane be found here or watched below. Have fun!