Community symbols challenge…

Hi class yellow. Time to put your geography skills to use. you don’t need to print this off if you don’t have access to a printer. you can type it or you could write the answers out. you can email me the answers.

  • do you recognise any of the symbols?
  • can you guess what the symbols mean?
  • where have you seen these symbols before?
  • where do you think you might see these symbols?
  • what might happen if people didn’t follow some of the rules of these symbols, e.g the seatbelt symbol?
  • why are symbols used and not words?

So one of the class yellow students has been very creative and did his community symbols task on the computer. this means you don’t need to print. He also sent it to me after he set up his own e-mail address.

So feel free to do the same with activities that require download as you wont need to print.